"If in living my life and doing my work I succeed in making  people smile, then I will have achieved my goals."

                                         ~Christie Lynn Devoe


Official Biography:

Christie has performed on stage, on television, and in film. A classically trained singer and pianist,

she has also been seen in opera, recital, and symphony works. She has performed at venues all over

New York City and surrounding areas, including Broadway's George Gershwin Theatre, Madison Square

Garden, the Original Improv Comedy Club, and NJPAC. An eclectic performer, she also spent a large part of her career performing with the sketch comedy troupe, Bathing With Toasters. She loves to pull from the contradictory sides of her refined classical studies and her physical and sometimes ridiculous comedy background to create well-rounded characters. She holds a Master of Music in Musical Theatre Performance and an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy from NYU. She was priveledged to study acting with Gene Frankel at the Gene Frankel Theater prior to his passing, and considers his classes a highlight of her training as a performer. 

The Other Stuff:

Now that we got that out of the way, here's some trivia for you: I grew up in Sicklerville, NJ. I was a figure roller-skater at the age of 2. I played the cello for many years. I can talk like Donald Duck. I played snare drum in my high school marching band. I graduated high school a year early, but didn't finish college until the age of 35. I currently reside in Seattle, WA with my husband, two children, and our kitties, Penny and Joon. I have been teaching voice and piano for many years as my "survival" job. I am fascinated with voice science. What else do you want to know? Find me on Twitter or FB and ask!     

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